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Arly befriends a monarch puppet at a picnic in Monticello NY.

MONARCHS NEED OUR HELP: The 21st century has begun on a somber note for monarchs — with millions killed by storms at wintering grounds in central Mexico — but it's been wonderful to find so many children and adults pulling for them and lending support.

Each year as monarchs arrive in the Upper Delaware region we invite viewers to join our volunteer network to observe and monitor them. A single click activates the "To Reach Us" page of this website, where you can forward questions, suggestions and monitoring information.

A freshly hatched monarch caterpillar.
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EARLY MIGRANTS: Summer monarchs have been observed in our neighborhood in Wayne County PA a lot later than in the 1990s. In the 21st century, sightings have been uncommon until late June.

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The large butterfly (top) is by Tara, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA.