October 9 (Honesdale)

"Three monarchs at mid-day — one at the Lakeside Elementary School playground, another on High Street, and a third flying above the Lackawaxan River bridge near Park St."

October 8 and 9 (Jeffersonville and Lake Huntington)

"I sighted a lot of monarchs in the Jeffersonville area, and more at Lake Huntington, several dozen in all."

October 8 (Milanville)

A big day. "A lot of monarchs were visiting the garden and crossing the meadow in mid-afternoon. Eleven monarchs were ‘nectaring’ in the garden about 3:15 p.m."

The large butterfly (top) is by Tara, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA.

The small butterflies are by Cosmina, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA

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October 7 (Carbondale)

"For about an hour, during late afternoon, five monarchs drifted separately along the old D&H Railroad tracks, stopping at goldenrod flowers and wild asters."

October 7 (Milanville)

A big day. "A dozen monarchs appeared in the garden after lunch. During one 15-minute interval in early afternoon, 8 monarchs flew south across the hay meadow, near the Delaware River. One of them caught an updraft and soared above the tallest trees."

October 5 (Interstate 80 and environs)

"At a highway rest stop on I-80, a few miles west of I-81, a single monarch flew above the parking lot and landed on a thistle flower near my car (about 11:55 a.m.). Later, on a back road near New Columbus, PA, I disturbed a monarch that was resting at the edge of a plowed field."

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