Butterfly Barn programs no longer have a “home,” but we continue toperform off-site programs about spring wildflowers and monarch butterflies.


Emily’s Garden

The great poet Emily Dickinson loved wildflowers, especially the delicate blooms of March and April. Join naturalist Ed Wesely for a virtual tour of the fields and streams that Emily Dickinson knew around Amherst MA, and learn about the spring wildflowers that inspired her.


Monarchs, from egg to butterfly

Since 1994 Ed Wesely has rescued Monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars from threatened habitats and, with the help of local children, has nurtured and released more than 7,000 adults. Learn about the monarch life cycle, threats to its survival, and (in season) take home a monarch chrysalis to hatch.


For information, please e-mail us at: info@butterflybarn.org.


Delaware Highlands Conservancy We also endorse events sponsored by the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, which you can check at the following link:


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Phone: 570-226-316;     e-mail: land@delawarehighlands.org


    The red/black butterflies are by Joey, a Blacksburg, VA pre-schooler.