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Snapping Turtle

Late Spring

Snapping Turtle

snapping turtle

About 1/2 mile west of K-Mart and the Route #6 Mall, the old D&H Canal retains its original clay liner – trapping enough rain to create pools for frogs and turtles. Trashed with plastic bottles and bedsprings it remains a “refuge,” however abused, for primeval amphibians, with their hopes and rituals. It once enticed a giant Snapping Turtle, who enjoyed a sunny log three years ago but has not come back.

Amber's sketch of  a snapping turtle



Amber Cozza, a 4th grader at Lakeside Elementary School, used the Snapping Turtle photograph seen above to sketch her own fanciful vision.

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The large butterfly (top) is by Tara, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA.

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