Tiger Swallowtail
Snapping Turtle

Late Spring

Tiger Swallowtail

Late spring is a magic time to observe Tiger Swallowtails, graceful visitors to local yards, meadows, and mud puddles. Requiring salts and other minerals, “Tiger” habitually draw theirs from muddy soil, often in brilliant clusters.

swallowtails in mud puddles


Gabe's drawing of yellow butterflies
Asked to draw a yellow butterfly, Gabe, 
a 2nd grader at Damascus School,
drew forms that catch the enchantment
of being a swallowtail.
Patience's drawing of a peeper

The computer’s framed 
Nicole’s drawing with the
gauzy quality of a May morning.

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The large butterfly (top) is by Tara, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA.

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